Ancient Olinthos

Abcient Olinthos Halkidiki

Ancient Olinthos – Halkidiki

Olinthos was for a century, the most important town of Halkidiki. Its foundation is lost in the mythical years. Some archaeological findings show that in the townÉ’s position used to be a significant prehistoric settlement, which was the town of the classical years. According to the mythology Olynthos was the son of Strymonas, King of Thrace and he was killed in a lion hunting.

After his death his brother Vraggas build Olynthos in his honor. According to another story Olynthos was the son of Hercules. There are some records for the town which date at the 7th century b.c., when the Vottis conquered it.

In 480 b.c. the Persian General Artavazos conquered Olynthos and destroyed the town almost completely. The habitants he arrested were then slaughtered in the swamps, which are located between Olynthos and Potidaia.

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