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Aristotle Park

Aristotle park Halkidiki

Στο όμορφο ορεινό χωριό Στάγειρα, στην Β.Α. Χαλκιδική, σ’ ένα πάρκο με θέα σ’ όλον τον κόλπο της Ιερισσού, βρίσκεται το “Άλσος Αριστοτέλους”.

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Cave of Petralona

Train in Petralona cave

Cave of Petralona The cave of Petralona “embellished” with stalagmites and stalactites is located in the west foot of the Katsika (Goat) mountain and in an altitude of about 300 meters from the level of sea The systematic excavations of the Cave began in 1965 by the founder of the[…]

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Tower of Mariana

Tower Halkidiki

Tower of Mariana – Olinthos The late-Byzantine tower of Mariana is 1.5km north of Olynthos, on the left side of the road to Poligyros, the capital of Halkidiki. It was a residence and was built in 1374. It was the seat of a property of the monastery of Dochiarion in[…]

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Ancient Olinthos

Abcient Olinthos Halkidiki

Ancient Olinthos – Halkidiki Olinthos was for a century, the most important town of Halkidiki. Its foundation is lost in the mythical years. Some archaeological findings show that in the townÉ’s position used to be a significant prehistoric settlement, which was the town of the classical years. According to the mythology Olynthos[…]

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Mount Athos

Mount Athos Halkidiki

Mount Athos – Holy Mountain The Holy Mount or the Mount Athos has about 50 Km length, 8 to 12 Km width and it covers a surface of about 350 square kilometers. The borders of the monasterial city are set on the ground by an imaginary line that begins from[…]

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Holidays on the beach

Psakoudia Halkidiki Greece

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