Psakoudia is located at a distance of 80 km from Thessaloniki and only 7 km from Ormilia.

The beach is amazing beauty shall impress even the most demanding visitor of Halkidiki Greece. Here, the green of the pines blends with the blue of the sea and the sky, creating a picture of incomparable natural beauty. In fact, the imposing presence of pines utterly characterizes the area, as it is the dominant feature along the beach. It is thus said that the name of settlement “Psakoudia” comes from the word “ptsakia” which in the local dialect means “small pines”.

The 4 km long beach is ideal for swimmers of all ages. It should be noted that it is awarded a blue flag every year.

There is a variety of ways to enjoy the crystal clear sea of Psakoudia: swimming, sunbathing, windsurfing, water-skiing and many other water sports are some of the options.

Psakoudia boast an intense night life, whose diversity can satisfy all music preferences. To this should be added, the number of restaurants and traditional taverns which offer tasty dishes. All these have been perfectly combined in order to help you feel relaxed, unconcerned and happy by providing a heavenly setting for your vacations.

Psakoudia, due to its location, is seen as the “gate” to Sithonia, and that is why it often serves as an intermediate station where visitors may rest and enjoy themselves.

Furthermore, the area around is an ideal place for religious tourism, as there is an intense presence of convents and monasteries throughout the region.



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